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CQ Business Philosophy

CQ follows the business philosophy of "safer, more effective and more economical". We have always believed that to develop and produce safe, effective and economical medicines for a large number of people are the best contributions to society.

CQ Culture

CQ promotes corporate culture of "integrity, pragmatic, harmony". "Integrity" is the fundamental way of behaving oneself and doing things.We have always believed that only honesty can stand to any corner of the community and earn others respect; "Pragmatic" is the foundation of behaving oneself and doing things. We have always believed that only proceeding from the reality, doing each work at our areas of responsibility in a down-to earth way and with earnest attitude, can we get others recognition and praise; "harmony" is the premise of behaving onesself and doing things. We have always believed that the individual maximum skills and great power of team can be realized in a harmonious environment with good intention toward others and everything, and all employees will be more happy and optimistic.

CQ Spirit

CQ holds the spirit of "solidarity, endeavor, and innovation". "Solidarity" is the foundation for enterprises becoming bigger and stronger, and we pursue solidarity as the spiritual essence of strength; "Endeavour" is the driving force for company becoming bigger and stronger, and we advocate employees to put high-spirit into their work; "Innovation "is the source of enterprises becoming bigger and stronger, and we encourage employees to develop their talents and wisdom for innovating concepts and methods in their posts, and to be a creative staff.

CQ Value

CQ pursues the value of "common development to create prosperity". We always believe that employees are value creators. During the process of company becoming stronger and larger, and acquiring prosperity, the employees should be achieve the appropriate development and improvement; we always believe that partnership is the direct source of enterprise value, and we pursue the common development and prosperity with our partners. We have always believed that society provide a good environment and support for the continuous development of enterprise at various stages. CQ is willing to do its best for the development of society.

CQ mission

CQ holds the mission of “producing high quality drugs with heart, for the benefit of all mankind". We are willing to make our contribute to the cause of human health, and always ready to do this.

CQ Vision

CQ has a good vision of "becoming a major domestic and international competitive bio-pharmaceutical companies". We believe that the company will ultimately achieve this good vision through tireless efforts of all employees and strong support from the whole society.

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