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Since ancient times, humans have always been seeking health and longevity. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, medical and health industries are increasingly developed, and constantly improve the level of health and longevity.  However, the disease still threatens mankind, and becomes human health killer. For this reason, people continue to seek "more effective and safer" drugs, which is our goal, and we also pursue the goal of "more economical" drugs to meet the health needs of people at all levels.

"More effective, safer and more economical" is our company's operation philosophy. To support this idea and make it a reality is to make high-tech manufacturing,good  product quality and efficient operation. We take our mission as providing safe, effective and economical drugs to all kinds of patietns. 

With extensive communications and cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, we hope we can work together to commit ourselves to the cause of human health.

Look forward to your sincere and extensive cooperation and communications. Thank you.


Chairman: Wang Yaofang

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