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Changzhou Qianhong Bio-pharma Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou National Hi-Tech Development Zone in the middle of Shanghai and Nanjing, which is in Yangtze River Delta with the most developed economy, culture, science and technology. It occupies 73,000 square meters, has a modern production plant with more than 20,000 square meters and a variety of advanced pharmaceutical equipment and instruments. The environment of the plant is beautiful with green land of more than 50% of the total area.

The predecessor of CQ is Changzhou Biochemical Factory, founded in the 1970’s, and listed on SME board in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 18 February, 2011. It has 4 holding subsidiaries, i.e.Changzhou Biopharmaceutical Engineering Technology Center Co., Ltd, Changzhou Qianhong Universal Cell Engineering Institute Co., Ltd, Hubei Runhong Biological Technology Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Zonghong Biological Engineering and Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd.

CQ is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of bio-pharmaceutical products, mainly focused on polysaccharides and enzymes. The business scope covers lyophilized powder for injections (including antineoplastic drugs), small volume parenteral solutions (non-terminal sterilization), tablets, hard capsules, granules, and APIs. The representative products are heparin sodium and low-molecular-weight heparin sodium, kallikrein, pancreatin, elastase, compound digestive enzyme, asparaginase , etc. Currently it has a total of 39 pharmaceutical production approval numbers.

Over the years, CQ adheres to the model of sustainable development of independent research and industry-college-research cooperation, establishes a good working relationship with major universities, introduces practical talents at high-tech bio-pharmaceutical sector from abroad, and establishes Jiangsu Zonghong Biological Engineering and Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd, to provide a strong technical support for new drug research and development and long-term innovative development. In August 2011, CQ signed a contract with local government for entering Life and Health Industrial Park in Changzhou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It will build a U.S. FDA and European GMP compliant formulation plant in the park, and prepare to establish the Changzhou Qianhong International Bio-Pharma Innovative Drug Incubation Base.

CQ takes independent innovative bio-pharmaceutical platform as the basis, applying modern molecular membrane ultrafiltration, protein affinity chromatography, molecular chelation, and viral inactivation techniques to large-scale industrial production, and the production technology and quality of main products have reached international standards, and domestic leading level. All products are Chinese GMP certified. Export products as heparin sodium, low-molecular-weight heparin sodium, asparaginase, kallikrein have got various quality certification from abroad , such as U.S. FDA, EC-related quality of COS, Australia TGA, and relative certification of Japan, Germany, Korea and Brazil and other countries.

CQ will actively explore and proceed to the extension and integration of industrial chain. The upstream integrates raw material resources through joint venture equity participation, and downstream establishes preparation plant in line with European standards, to increase the added value of products, and to build international cooperation and export of finished formulations, so as to enrich and improve the company's industrial chain, enhance competitiveness within the industry. CQ is committed to the development of gene drugs at international leading level, to achieve gorgeous turn from natural medicine to genetic engineering drugs.

Looking ahead, CQ will uphold the noble mission of "producing high quality drugs by heart, for the benefit of all mankind," pursue the operation philosophy of "safer, more effective and more economical", cooperate with pharmaceutical counterparts around the world to make our own contribution to the cause of human health, and continuously struggle for a better vision of "building a large enterprise competitive in bio-pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad".

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